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The Marketing Retrofit Company For Manufacturers

Yesterday’s marketing is slow, hard to measure, and expensive.
Make sales easier.

Break Free

Retrofit your marketing system

Playing Catch Up?

Yesterday’s marketing isn’t keeping pace. Today’s marketing adapts to put you in the lead.

Missing The Mark?

Yesterday’s marketing isn’t easy to gauge. Today’s marketing uses straightforward metrics.

Throwing Good Money After Bad?

Yesterday’s marketing doesn’t come cheap. Today’s marketing is worth every penny.

Helping Manufacturers Make Sales Easier

Adding digital, social, or content marketing on your own, can be slow, hard to measure and expensive.
You don’t have to start from square one. Keep what’s working, drop what isn’t, and add what you need.

We can help you retrofit your system to:

A simpler way to generate leads, convert sales, and nurture customers.
FELT retrofits your marketing system to make sales easier.

B2B Sales Are 24/7
Buyers Are In Control

They expect you to be wherever they are, whenever they’re there. Competition is global. Has your marketing adapted?

Yesterday's marketing systems were not designed for connected communication channels. They rely on time-consuming, labor intensive activities, yielding unreliable results.

Today's marketing systems are built for omni-channel communication. Integrated components work together to automatically reduce labor, gauge response and scale with sales growth.

Looking Through
Sales-Colored Glasses

FELT Marketing Retrofits reinforce the infrastructure of your lead generation and nurturing system:

  1. WHO you serve
  2. WHAT they value
  3. WHY they respond
  4. WHERE they are

Every retrofit begins with a one day
Breakthrough Bootcamp™ to help you:

  • discover your unfair advantage
  • boost your best channels
  • shorten your buying cycle

Find out what you're made of.

Make sales easier.

"Allison and her team are unique—intelligently centric on Manufacturing with the ability to personalize brand, bring it to life, then provide the strategic and tactical road map for effective deployment. I have found being able to market from the heart, employ her playbook AND lead with genuine self—magic!"

Brad Robeson / CEO, Clean Machine and Clean Prep



The Marketing Retrofit Agency For Manufacturers

For manufacturers

Like you, we speak distributor, dealer, architect, engineer, design-build, and contractor. We retrofit marketing systems for independent, mid-sized, specialty manufacturers. Our clients span every part of the building materials industry.

If your business started before 1990, marketing today can be overwhelming. In a world full of experts, it's hard to know who to trust. You don't have to start from square one. Keep what’s working, drop what isn’t, and add what you need.

If your specialty products feel invisible to prospects, retrofit your marketing system.

Architectural Hardware Architectural Hardware

Coatings Coatings

Doors & Windows Doors & Windows

Fasteners Fasteners

Functional Hardware Functional Hardware

Hand Tools Hand Tools



Lighting Lighting

Lumber & Building Materials (LBM) Lumber & Building Materials (LBM)

Machinery Machinery

Moulding & Millwork Moulding & Millwork

Plumbing & Waterworks Plumbing & Waterworks

Power Tools Power Tools

Tile & Grout Tile & Grout

Make sales so easy, they can't say no.

Your initial consultation is a brisk 30 minutes, 100% risk-free and attractively priced at exactly $0.

Best case scenario: you make sales easier.

Worst case scenario: you walk away with simple ideas to help you make sales easier.

You win, or you win. It's up to you.

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    Retrofit your marketing system with automatic components.
    Make sales easier.

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