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Make your brand
the life of the party!

“It’s just moulding,” a client once said to us. “How can you depict moulding in a way that’s exciting?” We get those questions a lot, and my first thought is this: at some point, 20 or 30 years ago, one could have said it’s just coffee. Or, it’s just a phone. Think of the exciting brands built around those simple, everyday things we once took for granted—and now can’t live without.

Do your customers feel a sense of enthusiasm and assurance every time they read about, hear about or engage with your brand? You can create excitement around your brand and make it the life of the industry party—but you’ve got to do more than just “show up.”
Here’s how:

Dress to kill.

You wouldn’t arrive at a festive party wearing your blandest outfit. Your brand shouldn’t either. Think of your brand’s identity as the first thing people see. Well-tailored implies class. Bold is hard to forget. Make sure your logo and identity system are making the right impression.

Make a grand entrance.

Announce your arrival with the brand equivalent of trumpets sounding. Prior to a tradeshow or industry event, generate some buzz via email blasts or social media channels like Facebook® and Twitter®. Offer incentives such as a cool t-shirt or water bottle (branded with your dressed-to-kill logo) or give away something fabulous like an iPad. Once at the show, they’ll be looking for you instead of the other way around.

Strike up conversations.

People are most interested in themselves. Get to know your customers well by creating an online community like Festool’s Owners Group Forum. This forum not only gives Festool owners a place to share ideas and experiences, it gives the company firsthand access to opinions and customer profiles they might not otherwise get. Concurrently, they’re conversing on Facebook® and Twitter®. Festool also keeps their audience informed each month through eNews.


Don’t linger with the same people for the entire party. Talk to different customer segments uniquely. They each speak their own language, and response can be far greater when you talk to them one-on-one. WindsorOne is doing this right. Their sponsorship of the Katz Roadshow is an example of a national manufacturer gaining targeted exposure at both the dealer and consumer levels. They have different messaging in place to converse with architects and homeowners too, using multiple mediums effectively to create brand excitement.

Be confident.

Confidence is inviting and exciting! You’re an industry expert; don’t hesitate to hand out knowledge and know-how for free. Consider regularly publishing white papers about current issues and trends, and post them on your website. Share product knowledge and effective selling techniques. Arm your audience with your tools and enthusiasm. And don’t worry if writing isn’t your forte. That’s what copywriters are for, and good ones are worth every penny.

Wear a lampshade.

While “wearing a lampshade” at a party traditionally signals that someone has been over-served, it does make for a memorable moment. You can create your own moments at trade shows and in-store demos and events. A memorable theme, giveaway or presentation generates excitement around your brand and gets people talking.

Change it up.

Remember to take note of how your party experience went. Tweaking and repeating is essential for maximum impact. By consistently “changing it up” from quarter to quarter, year to year, you create excitement. Customers will perceive that something’s always happening at your company and with your product lines. You’ll be the happenin’ brand they expect to see at every party.


Here’s to creating a sensation! Let’s get started.

Allison DeFord, Trailblazer

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