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Awesome Sauce with a Side of Amaze Balls

Have you ever asked yourself, “What constitutes awesome?”

You might be surprised to know that awesome is really about the little things. The simple things you do or enjoy that you may be overlooking.

In a sea of me-too, how do you make your stuff stand out?

You’re trying to keep customers informed and interested. You do this through your sales team, your website, your catalog, your blog, social media channels, trade shows and the list goes on. Is any of it talk-worthy? In a sea of content and videos and media, how do you make your stuff stand out? By making sure it’s awesome, that’s how. In this post, Twist Image President and author Mitch Joel shares 11 insights about being awesome to help guide the creation of amazing content. Pictures speak a thousand words, but content is king!

The book of awesome.

Neil Pasricha‘s The Book Of Awesome has become a runaway international bestseller. In the spirit of its simplicity, here is The Blog of Awesome (or, how to start thinking about your content in a way that may enable it to reach a wider and more interested audience)…

The blog of awesome:

  • Awesome isn’t easy. If nobody is reading or connecting to your content, you have to either change what you’re writing about or dig deeper to find an audience that will connect with it.
  • Awesome is the long haul. There are no shortcuts. Some capture lighting in a bottle, but they are the rare exception. Most people who have become awesome have put in their 10,000 hours worth of Malcolm Gladwell Outliers-esque practice.
  • Awesome is obvious. There’s a famous line from a government official who was asked to define “pornography.” His answer was: “I know it when I see it.” Awesome is the same. You know it when you see it.
  • Awesome takes time. If you’re just banging out a piece of content, it probably won’t fly. The stuff we all qualify as awesome takes time and nurturing to create.
  • Awesome is a function of creativity. If you think you’re not creative and your function is to create content, you’re starting off in a bad place. This is your art. You art must be creative.
  • Awesome is fun. I was stopped during a break at a conference by a peer who asked me about my blogging regiment. They were saying that their team members can’t even produce as much content as I do. I asked if their team is having fun doing it? They replied that it’s their job. While blogging is a part of my job, it’s much more of a joy than work. People who create awesome are having fun (even if they’re tortured during the creative process).
  • Awesome is universal. It speaks to anyone and everyone, everywhere. This doesn’t mean each and every human individual, but it does mean that it universally applies to everyone that it is targeted too. I’m hopeful that my content resonates as much with someone in the United States as it does to someone in Romania.
  • Awesome is not big. In a big world where everyone is connected, awesome can be universal to a very small, specialized and select niche group — and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Awesome demonstrates skill. Skill is not originality. Skill is aptitude and ability. There are a handful of individuals who don’t create much original content, but they are curators extraordinaire (I’m thinking, in particular, of people like Jason Hirschhorn and his Media ReDEFined feed).
  • Awesome is now. Slowly, over time, an audience builds (hopefully). But in a Twitter-speed world, Janet Jackson sung the gospel with her words, “What have you done for me lately?”Awesome is now. I know many a-listers who were awesome — but now they’re just not that interesting. Awesome is also hard to maintain.
  • Awesome is not tactical. I do not believe that there is a roadmap. I do believe that awesome is as subjective as art and music. My awesome will be your drudgery. Your awesome may be of little interest to me. It’s a big, brave world and there’s lots of room for everybody to find an audience that thinks that they’re awesome.

Are you awesome? 



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