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@irwintools Anything is Possible

Stumbled upon a treasure recently in my garage…Grandpa DeFord’s set of Irwin bits. (I know, cool, right?!) Of course I had to explore every inch of this rare and perfect find.

Made with pride in the USA in 1950–set against the backdrop of a young ambitious nation. You can see the craftsmanship in the polished smooth metal, the helpful detailed directions and the handy dandy HOW TO booklet that ends with the Irwin promise, right on the back.

I wasn’t familiar with the story, so I did a little research. Irwin is the story of two men (a pharmacist and a blacksmith of all things), from the American Heartland, who shared a deep belief in the idea that with imagination and determination anything could be accomplished. 

Over a hundred years later, Irwin has grown into an industry leader who still cares about making a difference to the professional tradesman.

Today, I’ve seen posts on social media talking about the woes our country has faced and how rough we’ve had it. Poor us!

To that I say, stop crying and carry on! This nation is great because we the people are still full of imagination and determination and because we never give up. Anything is possible in America! Anything!

So, thank you @IRWINtools for reminding me what commitment to making a difference looks like and how anything is possible in America.

What difference is your brand making?

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