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Manufacturers B2B Marketing Trends 2020

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Things have changed. Or, have they?

“The connected world has created a smarter customer. How are you adapting?”

No matter what sector of manufacturing you’re in or the role you have, we all share a universal interest in trends. It’s human nature to be curious about what the masses are doing. As we dive into 2020 it’s important to consider what’s new. Or, maybe something we just haven’t tried yet.

We’ve compiled a TOP TEN list of the marketing trends manufacturers should be paying attention to in 2020. Personalization is definitely at the top of the list, along with big data and a mix of new and old-school approaches.

So you can connect to the heart of your customers and make sales easier next year. Here’s how!

Quality is Overrated

The days of differentiating on quality, customer service and solutions are over. So why do so many manufacturers still claim this as their differentiator?

For example, you may have the best product in the industry. Boast being family-owned and operated with the longest history. And, you probably have a bazillion sq. ft. with a fleet of trucks and next-day delivery.

Above all your product has to work well and solve a problem. And what else?

If you’re the best-kept secret in the industry, no one can find you. Nobody can hear you. Subsequently, it’s hard to trust you.

Therefore, you’ve got to make it easier to find, purchase, receive, and re-order.

As a result, adapting requires a new marketing plan.

Marketing Systems

So, What Now?

Staying relevant and profitable TODAY requires 3 things — continuous self-disruption, reorganization, and strategic communications.

Continuously innovating and keeping pace with how customers search, purchase and share. To avoid falling into the abyss of mediocrity or, God forbid extinction, manufacturers must do something they’ve always resisted in the past.

Embrace change, agree on a new plan and insist that operations, sales, and marketing WORK TOGETHER. Because what got you here won’t get you there. (Think Sears)


1 – 360° View
INTERNAL ALIGNMENT:  Shared Vision For The Customer Experience
Uncover your unfair advantage.

2 – Brand Infrastructure
SPECIALTY vs. COMMODITY: Who Customers Think You Are
Make it easier to know you.

3 – Marketing Strategy
PLANNED vs. HAPHAZARD: How, Where and When You Interact
Make it easier to find you.

4 – Content Strategy
PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE: How Often You Interact
Make it easier to rely on you.

5 – Content
ENGAGED vs. IGNORED: What You Say, How You Sound
Make it easier to choose you.

6 – Amplifiers (identity, online, social, mobile, print, trade show)
CONVERTING vs. INTERRUPTING: How You Connect Pre and Post-Sale
Make it easier to buy from you.

Reach your desired state faster. Knock that top-line growth goal out of the park.

In other words, drive the conversation and conversion and make sales easier in 2020. As a result, you’ll generate a bigger return— on your investment, your innovation, and your influence.


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Whether it’s through customer intelligence, integration of marketing technology platforms, keeping it human, or any other strategy discussed in this report, personalization and experience are key.

Regardless of trends, successful manufacturers connect to the heart of the customer before, during and after the sale. By understanding them, connecting with them and marketing for them. In order to solve their problems and improve their businesses.

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