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Greetings From Content, MontanaThis month the FELT team heads west from Unique, Iowa into an area many consider a new marketing frontier — the world of content. So what better destination could you ask for than Content, Montana?

Okay, so it’s probably pronounced con-TENT (as in satisfied), but the name was too good to pass up, so we’re appropriating it for the Road Trip anyhow.

Content is a very small town in Phillips County — so small we were surprised to find it on our vintage AAA map at all. Seriously, this place doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. The nearest Starbucks this side of the border is four freakin’ hours away, though there might be a closer one in Saskatchewan. Maybe.

Much of Phillips County is designated as wildlife preserves, so there’s no fishing allowed. But when you have content in your marketing mix, it’s open season on attracting the best customers you’ll find anywhere.

Fishing For Big Ones

Content Marketing Is An Uncrowded AreaContent marketing is a lot like fishing. It takes a little time and patience, but it’s also how you land the biggest fish with the least effort.

The manufacturing industry has been slow to adopt content marketing strategies, but a few smart companies are catching on. Why? Because giving potential buyers useful content lets you bypass all the roadblocks prospects typically put in the way of your message. It’s like knowing a back-road shortcut to the lake when the freeway’s closed by a 50-car pileup.

That’s important today, because there’s more noise clamoring for buyers’ attention than ever before. Ten or fifteen years ago you didn’t need to worry about content because your business was the only game in town, or at worst one of two or three players in the market. Now, even up here near the northern edge of Big Sky Country, our smartphones can get enough of a signal to flood us with ads from all over the world. And if your competition can find us here, you can bet they’re reaching prospects in your own backyard.

Publish Content Buyers Want To ReadPublishing content your best prospects want to read separates your message from all that racket. It positions you as a trusted partner, not just another advertiser trying to make a quick buck.

First, you need some attractive “bait” — a free report, a how-to guide, a white paper, or something else that shows off your industry expertise without a hard sales pitch. The trick here is that while it should make the reader think about doing business with you, it can’t be about you. You have to think like the fish. They don’t care if you have an expensive fishing rod, a fancy boat, or a beer cooler that floats if it falls overboard. What matters to them is how shiny the bait is.

Once you get a little tug on the line — in the form of an email address or some other way to stay in touch — dangle more bait once or twice a month. Publish a newsletter. Send postcards. Offer your list special insider deals. The key is to keep providing a steady supply of information that’s useful or interesting to your prospects. Do this right and they’ll eventually be so hooked that they’ll do most of your selling work for you (and tell their friends too).

Content Marketing Is A Long-Term StrategyJust like fishing, the key to making content work is perseverance. Content is a medium- to long-term strategy that doesn’t work overnight. Many companies abandon content campaigns too soon because they don’t see quick results. Others fail because they don’t stick to a regular schedule or find out what matters most to their buyers. But any business that’s doing it right will tell you that the payoffs — new customers, less prospecting effort, stronger loyalty, enhanced reputations and more repeat business — are totally worth it. To learn more about how you can enjoy the same benefits, enjoy some of the free downloads below.

There are some pretty big footprints near the edge of the woods here, which is making us feel a little dis-content. This looks like a good time to hop back in the car!

See you down the road,

Your friends at FELT

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