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Breakthrough Bootcamp 30-Day Challenge

Go from ‘meh’ to mindblowing in 30 days!


Your 30-Day Guided Journey, Turning 2020 into the Worst Best Year Ever

Adapted from our popular Breakthrough Bootcamp workshop, this 30-day challenge is a guided program to help you get out of your own way and have a real breakthrough before the year is over.

Everything you need to dream bigger, make some small tweaks and see results in your personal life and business that only seemed impossible.

Learn just how easy it is to clarify your why, uncover your unfair advantage, and put your gifts into action to write the next chapter in your success story.

PLUS, if you’re not completely satisfied with the results, our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee means you can take the challenge in total confidence.

With this plan, you will receive:

  • A daily recording and inspiration delivered right to your inbox
  • A simple checklist to make your breakthrough a breeze
  • Downloadable PDFs to document the journey
  • 2 YouTube LIVE sessions for personal one-on-one Q&A’s
  • A private LinkedIn group to share ideas and cheer each other on
  • Tools and resources out the yin-yang

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  • Create the space to work on you/your brand
  • Recognize what’s working/not working
  • Tune in to yourself & your intention
  • Uncover your unfair advantage
  • Measure your Signal Strength (whispering or shouting)
  • Make it easier to find you, trust you, and choose you
  • Rock your LinkedIn profile
  • Do something that scares you; overcome fear
  • Glow up your Unique Value Proposition
  • Tap into resources that will elevate your game
  • Expand your network
  • Get out of your own way
  • Make 2020 the worst best year ever


Who doesn’t want a personal marketing motivational coach to support and inspire you for 30 whole days for the same price as a pair of running shoes?! (And, no pants required)


(And, I believe in this so much, I’m guaranteeing it. If after the 30 days, you didn’t have one breakthrough, learn one new thing, make one new connection, or feel that this helped you create value or something new, I’ll refund your money.)

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You have two choices — 1) write off 2020 as a suckfest or 2) double down and remember it as the worst best year ever.

The year you had a breakthrough!

When was the last time you said yes to a challenge? You against you. Or, in this case, you for you!

Six years ago I said yes to creating an impossible goal in 30-days. The experience changed me forever. Funny, it wasn’t even the “achieving the goal” part that was the game-changer.

It was the experience. Saying “yes”… to something new, to deciding versus hoping. Saying “I will” instead of “I’ll try”.

Because 2020 isn’t gonna get the best of us. Because you’re not giving up and phoning in this last 30 days. Nope. You’re way too passionate and gifted for that.

And, since 2020 is the year I’ve committed to doing sh*t that scares me, I’m re-creating the experience for my tribe. Specifically, for YOU!

And, this time I’m putting a marketing twist on it. (Because if you know me, you know all roads lead back to marketing.)

Let’s talk about the elephant in the Zoom, for a sec.

What holds any of us back from creating change? Fear, excuses, self doubt, red tape, time, money?

Together, we can run past all that crap and leave it in the dust like yesterday’s normal.

I will help you find out what you’re made of and take your results from meh to mind-blowing in 30 days.

Let’s do it!

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Breakthrough Today – ONLY $97


Before you jump in with both feet, hold up.


This challenge is not for you if:

  • You’re good with coasting into the New Year and writing off 2020 as a suckfest.
  • You feel like your marketing is pretty dialed in; no room for improvement
  • You have too many customers and you’re making too much money
  • You don’t have the time
  • You’re waiting for things to go back to ‘normal’

This challenge is for you if:

  • You’re working hard, but you want to work smarter
  • You’ve got a bunch of irons in the marketing fire, but they’re not connected; holistic.
  • You want to make sales easier; aka gain more customers and make more money
  • You are willing to say yes to something new, to finding the time, deciding versus hoping

This challenge is a perfect fit if you’re a:

  • Solopreneur wearing all the hats, including marketing
  • Small manufacturer or business owner
  • Marketing professional
  • Human trying to build your personal brand (i.e. all of us)