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Are you using the obvious marketing vehicles or have you tried something a little more creative? Like wine or signs.

Let me explain.

Should you ever visit Orange, California (my town) you’ll notice these signs that appear in various yards around our Old Town Circle. They say “I’m 100 Years Old!” For years I thought these signs were put out by the historical society. It turns out they are a genius creation of our local realtor who uses them to build brand awareness in a very quiet way. At the bottom of each sign there is a small sentence that says the name of the real estate office and their phone number. These small inexpensive signs do several major things.

FIRST: The signs bring special attention to the homeowner and their property, creating good will between them and the realtor.

SECOND: They bring positive attention to the City of Orange and build on its historical credibility.

THIRD: They show community awareness and involvement on the part of the realtor.

FOURTH: They build brand awareness.

Now the other uber creative marketing vehicle this realtor is “literally” driving is a Wine Trolley. When Disneyland was selling off several of their old trolleys he jumped on the opportunity and purchased one. With it he created a Wine Trolley tour of Old Town every Friday night for anyone who wants to enjoy local fare, delicious wine and learn a little about Old Town Orange.

Any profit he makes he donates to local charities in Orange. Brilliant! Again, this is marketing outside the box. He’s connecting with residents and their friends. He’s connected with all the local restaurants and they supply the food along the tour. They hop aboard and tell the riders a little about their restaurant and pass out sizable samples. While driving around town he shares all sorts of interesting facts about the town and its history. Validating why you’d want to live there.

Upon the completion of the tour, he pulls into the local liquor store (that’s been around since the 40’s) and offers riders a deal on the wine they tried during the tour. Guess what? The store owner makes out quite well. This tour was started this year in January and is booked through October. It’s a WIN WIN for everyone involved. And a brilliant marketing vehicle for this very creative local realtor.

I’m a fan and a believer in creative marketing. I’d love to hear about anything you’re doing to connect with customers on a deeper more meaningful level. Brand awareness that isn’t just seen and heard, it’s felt!

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