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Sneak Peak

It’s so hard to wait. The suspense is killing you. You’re a special customer and you should have the inside scoop on anything new, ahead of everyone else. You’ve been so patient.

Hold on, you didn’t know you were waiting..with baited breath…for the new holiday collection…from Starbucks?!

You were. You just didn’t know it yet—until you found yourself waiting in line for coffee and noticed the holiday boxes stacked in the corner. Masters of anticipation creation, Starbucks takes an ordinary opportunity and turns it into an engaging moment. (see photo above)

It’s just a label, you say. Sure, they could have saved some cash and done without the special stickers. Of course they could have just waited until November 12th and surprised you during your early morning commute, with freshly stocked shelves chalked full of holiday reds and golds and everything that glitters.

Instead, Starbucks chose to turn the mundane (stacked boxes, in-store, taking up space) into the curious (call to action to have a sneak peak)—to tap into the child in us all, create anticipation for the upcoming holiday line and drive site traffic and engagement.

You’re not a coffee retailer, so why should this matter to you? Because you’re a marketer, a sales person and a brand evangelist. There are so many untapped ways to engage with customers that don’t involve a splashy ad campaign or big dollars. What are you doing this season or at that next trade show, to take a mundane moment and turn it into an engaging opportunity for your customers?

Sometimes, it’s the little things…like a label.

Here’s to creating a sensation!

P.S. Keep your pants on, here’s your sneak peak.

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