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Who’s The Bomb?
National Gypsum the second largest producer of gypsum board (drywall) in the United States. Gypsum has been around for a long time. In fact, it was used as a plaster in the Egyptian pyramids! Today, gypsum is used in a variety of ways: as wallboards in building (drywall), as a soil conditioner, and even as a filler ingredient in many foods! FUN FACT: The average person eats about 28 pounds of gypsum in a lifetime. Why is National Gypsum fuknawsm?


Mind-blowing because…
National Gypsum created a stand-alone identity system for it’s Gold Bond® BRAND of drywall products with a signature color. Not just any color, but the one and only, Original Purple™. Not content with simply a trademarked color, they brought it to life with the “Ask For Purple” identity and campaign: Authorized PURPLE® dealers, Ask For Purple on Facebook and Twitter (@AskForPURPLE), and an entire site dedicated to the line of purple drywall products, askforpurple.com

Original Purple™ Power. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. People make a subconscious decision about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. (Source: Why Color Matters)

Starting with Original Purple™, a new identity was created, optimized and expanded into the “Ask For Purple” campaign to drive interest from end users to dealers:  logo, tagline, website, media kit, spokesperson, shopping lists, installation tips, interactive brochure, video, and social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

Driving interest from end users to their dealers was the first of a two-step strategy. Step Two: expand engagement by empowering distributors as authorized PURPLE® dealers, forming an exclusive dealer community.

Chemistry, Baby!
All the other colors are just colors, but purple seems to have a soul. Purple is not just a noun and an adjective but also a verb – when you look at it, it’s looking back at you. (Uniek Swain)

National Gypsum took a product that is largely invisible to the end user and gave it life by making it visible and accessible. The Ask For Purple campaign is a call to action at every point in the sales cycle. Optimizing every element of an identity system creates a connection-rich experience for dealers, as well as end users.

A whole new way to look at walls, that’s customer chemistry.

what’s the point?
Reframing your brand identity as a system of interconnecting elements, galvanizes the bonds between individual components (eg. vision, story, logo, tagline, name, voice, personality, content, products, services, spokesperson), sustaining customer experience cohesion.

Cohesion is the framework for consistency, which in turn, establishes familiarity and ulimately, trust. Building this type of connection into the customer experience is an effective tool for eliminating obstacles to communication and purchase. 


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