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Who’s The Bomb?
Festool, a leading producer of power tools, is headquartered in Wendlingen, Germany, where most of its power tools are produced. The company was founded in 1925 by Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll to manufacture woodworking machinery. Festool invented several well-known woodworking tools including the first portable chainsaw, the orbital sander, the Domino jointer, and the portable circular saw with guide rail (called a track saw). Why is Festool fuknawsm?

Mind-blowing because…
“Festool – Passionate People Designing The World’s Best Power Tools” is the opening video on Festool’s YouTube channel. Passion emanates from Festool and is powerfully reflected back from its customers, or as they renamed them: owners. Owners have a unique forum: the FESTOOL OWNERS GROUP (F.O.G.). F.O.G., a People-to-People (P2P) wellspring of user-generated feedback, imagery and content. It helps Festool keep its finger on the pulse of its most involved customer: brand influencers. Community insures Festool maintains a relevant and innovative advantage in three key ways:

Festool redefined their customers and launched the FESTOOL OWNERS GROUP (F.O.G.). F.O.G. embodies a passionate collective: external customers and dealers as well as internal employees. The FESTOOL OWNERS GROUP exemplifies community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

The sections and boards on the FESTOOL OWNERS GROUP site are a banquet of information for every segment of the collective: external customers and dealers as well as internal employees.

  • Tools, Accessories and Reviews
  • How To’s
  • Tool Problems
  • Jigs and Enhancements
  • Wish List
  • Ask Festool
  • Sales & Dealer Area
  • Member Projects
  • Other Tools and Accessories
  • Other Tool Reviews
  • Building Materials
  • Hand Tools
  • Finishing and Painting
  • Woodcraft, Crafts, Home Improvement, Other Projects

With F.O.G., Festool has created a 360º view of everything that could interest their most avid brand influencers. The most popular board: Festool Tools & Accessories

The success of the the FESTOOL OWNERS GROUP is driven by passion. Owners connect online and offline for the same reason: they are passionate about Festool. F.O.G. is a space for expressing that passion in a variety of ways: product feedback, project pictures, and wish list requests. From these interactions, Festool has an active, real-time supply of information to drive sales, new product development, existing product enhancements, and improvements in customer service at every level. The community is also a unique area for passive sales support: “how-to’s”, new/improved product information, product reviews, and project-specific information. In a move reminiscent of “Miracle on 34th Street” where Macy’s begins referring customers to competitors to get what Macy’s doesn’t carry, Festool also reviews other power tools, as well as hand tools. In the movie of course, Macy’s watches their own sales soar, when customers realize Macy’s passion for it’s customers outweighs its own passion for profit.


Chemistry Baby!
New product ideas. Existing product feedback. Testimonials. Brand-evangelist-first-adopter attention, influence and engagement. Testing environment for new product soft-launches or social media strategies. Project imagery and stories from product owners/users. Unique content found nowhere else: all of this while connecting with your best customers on a deeper, more meaningful level.

That’s customer chemistry.

What's The Point? CommunityIn the transactional model of communication, people are connected through communication and engage in transaction. Each of us is a sender-receiver, not merely a sender or a receiver. Communication affects all parties involved, and is fluid/simultaneous like in-person conversations. Effective communities can create similar results in an online environment. Create passionate community conversations that involve and benefit everyone: external customers and dealers as well as internal employees and departments.


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