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If you’re a manufacturer who’s still leading with features and benefits and ‘competency’ to attract ideal fit customers, you’re gonna want to read this!

It’s high time we dig into this idea that competency doesn’t create conversations to grow your business.

This means we’ve got to talk about Talk Triggers (thank you, Jay Baer)…

Because competency no longer creates conversations OR memorable experiences that are worth sharing.

How are you stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something customers don’t expect❓

To build a loyal fanbase faster by giving them a memorable talk-worthy experience.


Everybody’s talking about it!!

…You know that restaurant in Austin that’s known for their Instagram posts about their fun messaging on their sign out front? 🌮😂

…And that pet-friendly hotel you stayed at that had a goodie bag with your dog’s name on it and included emergency numbers for local vets just in case. 🐶💕

…Or that restaurant that’s not known for its melt-in-your-mouth steaks or 360° view; it’s the array of steak knives from around the world that you get to choose from before you dig in. 🥩🔪

Each of these companies COULD BE talking about their slow-roasted chicken tacos and hand-made corn tortillas or their clean rooms and comfy beds or the mouth-watering meats and incredible customer service.

INSTEAD, they chose to talk about something other than their competency. What’s expected.

Something interesting, memorable, and talk-worthy!

Let’s take El Arroyo, for example.

Since 1975, El Arroyo has been serving up Tex-Mex with a side of laughs on their famous marquee sign that stands on the corner of West 5th and Campbell in Austin, Texas.

The Last Queso Stop Before a Bunch of Yoga Studios – over the years they’ve covered every food pun imaginable while never forgetting witty commentary on current events (see image above). They also take sign submissions from customers and the internet!

Their simple signage out front plus creativity and consistency has turned this little Tex-Mex eatery into a must-visit destination in Austin.

They have an Instagram following of nearly 700,000 people and have turned their signs into MERCHAPALOOZA — glassware, inspiration cards, plates, Yeti tumblers, inflatable blow-up pool floaties, and coffee table books.

Here’s the kicker! 📢

They get talked about on all kinds of other sites and social feeds, like austin.com, longhornhumor.com, distractify.com, texasmonthly.com, and bloghong.com, just to name a few. Others are spreading the El Arroyo love! For free-ninety-nine!

Who doesn’t want that?!

As a manufacturer, I want to challenge you to think beyond your competency.

What’s something you could be known for that’s interesting, memorable, talk-worthy, and dare I say it, fun?

Your high tolerances, technology, and amazing customer support are important, but are they creating conversations?

Stirring up industry media and influencers?

Spreading your manufacturing mastery all over the place, even while you and your salespeople are sleeping.
Cause, you could be. ❤️

The most beloved and successful brands aren’t just seen and heard, they’re felt.
Connecting to the heart of your ideal customer.


🔥 TAKEAWAY: Unless you already have 700,000 followers and more customers than you can handle, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and say and do something that starts conversations…and makes sales easier.

1.  Pay attention to what your customers are saying, doing, asking for
2.  Don’t be afraid to change, try something new, step away from that’s how we’ve always done it
3.  Partner with another brand in or outside of your industry
4.  Work with some influencers in your industry (it doesn’t cost a fortune)
5.  Encourage your customers to share their experience with you/your products on social media
6.  Create an integrated marketing campaign (Felt can help) and challenge or honor your customers/industry
7.  Sponsor an event that makes sense; partner with an organization or cause

You can also catch my recent Manufacturing Masters podcast episode on this very topic!

Here’s to helping customers FEEL a connection with you and your brand. Making sales easier!

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