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Create Wild Anticipation
There’s a famous story about two shoe salesmen – each visiting a developing country to begin selling shoes. The first salesman gets off the plane and quickly notices that no one is wearing shoes. Downtrodden, he calls the home office and laments, “No one wears shoes here. Please book a return flight for me as quickly as possible.” The second salesman gets off the plane and notices the same thing. He quickly calls the home office and with uncontrollable excitement exclaims, “NO ONE WEARS SHOES HERE! Get ready for our inventory to fly off the shelves! ”

Perspective is everything.

People often talk about how quickly business is changing – some see it as a dirge and others see it as the door opening to an unlimited future. How do you see it?

In a recent Forbes article, Will Burns wrote an article entitled, “Beck ‘Produces’ A Genius Innovation That Appeals To The User-Generated Generation”. The article focuses on the possibilities of releasing an “album in an almost-forgotten form” and simultaneously creating limitless possibilities. The form: an “album” of sheet music – unrecorded in a beautiful, full-color package.

Simplicity. Nostalgia. Innovation. Seemingly disparate, opposite ends of the spectrum inviting and cultivating user-collaboration.

As the author speculates, “We will see Facebook albums, YouTube videos, web sites Tweeted. Anyone who takes a stab at producing these songs will pick up where Beck left off and promote the album for free. These songs will be everywhere. Touring bands may find new life if they can bill their act as “THE” interpretation of Beck’s album. It’s endless.”

This creative invitation for user collaboration, interpretation and sharing will inspire fans to create a new Beck community before he ever records the new album, coincidentally inspiring “wild anticipation” for his next concert.

My question: hasn’t there always been a “user-generation”? We call them “customers”. Its the people who use our products – either the way we designed them to be used, or “off label”, inspiring innovation. Is there a way to bring back something in your business to inspire wild anticipation for your brand?

Change your perspective. Make your presence felt.


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