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FUKNAWSMWho’s The Bomb?
RW Lyall in Corona, California manufactures products serving the fuel gas markets of North America, excelling at assembly, fabrication, coating, painting, blasting, welding, and is highly skilled in designing custom machinery. Why is RW Lyall fuknawsm?

Mind-blowing because…
RW Lyall’s philosophy is to provide personal, professional and financial growth for customers, employees and suppliers alike. With an inclusive family-oriented culture, Lyall built a dedicated internal workforce while simultaneously enriching strong external supplier relationships. They put philosophy into action by embracing LEAN Manufacturing techniques normally associated with the auto industry.¬†

Family-oriented culture + innovative manufacturing techniques make RW Lyall a unique company to be a part of, and to do business with.

The double-punch of culture + innovation galvanizes employee efficiency and investment, supporting and driving overall company visibility and profitability.

Organizations outside their industry routinely call for interviews and tours of RW Lyall facilities to witness lean manufacturing in action. This extends RW Lyall’s culture by keeping employee engagement high and turnover low, all while feeding Word of Mouth.

Chemistry, Baby!

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), only 12% of Americans 16 years and older have been with their current employer for more than ten years. In fact, according to The Gallup Organization’s latest research, actively disengaged employees — the least productive — cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity.

What keeps employees at a company for the long haul? Companies that recognize their role in contributing to employee’s quality of life have realized that money is not a motivator for long term success. In his book: DRIVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Daniel Pink discovered three things that influence workers more than money and contribute to their overall job satisfaction: autonomy, mastery and purpose.
A culture promoting autonomy, mastery and purpose has built-in ROI3 – return on influence, innovation and investment. The proof: a 40+ year history of stability and five generations of employees on staff.

Culture from the inside out = customer chemistry.


What's The Point? CultureWhile the element of culture is internal, it can have significant impact well beyond your company, or even your industry. Discovering and developing your unique company culture creates a brand experience that extends beyond employees, customers or even suppliers.

Make your presence felt.


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