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Happy birthday!

Today is my birthday. My 47th to be exact. I know, I know, you’re shocked because I look way younger.

My first day of 47 started of with a bang! I awoke to fresh flowers, breakfast, cards and special letters from my two girls. My husband and I have been married since, well, dirt and we’ve had many opportunities to “top the year before.” And something he wrote in my card gave me an idea. He said:

“We’ve celebrated 31 birthdays together and it never gets old!”

Because we’ve spent so many birthdays together and celebrated in so many different ways, it is getting harder to “keep it fresh and surprising!” This is not only a marital dilemma, it happens in customer relationships too? Here’s my question:

“How do we continue to surprise and delight customers year after year after year?”

Or, experience after experience. It becomes increasingly difficult—but it doesn’t have to. All we need to do is remember back to the first time—similar to when you first started dating your mate:

…the first time we looked into each others eyes (connected with the prospective customer)

…the first time we asked them out (created awareness and curiosity)

…the first time we went out on a date (they made a purchase)

…the first time we spent a holiday together at her parents house (gave them a thoughtful gift)

…the first time you surprised her with flowers just to say “I love you” (sent a handwritten thank you note)

…the first time you created a surprise birthday experience (threw a customer appreciation day party)

…the first time you created a new tradition (added something new to the buying experience, with them in mind)

If we get creative and treat customers like it’s the first time, every time, the relationship will never get old!

Here’s to cultivating customer chemistry year after year after year.

Now, who wants cake?

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