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Trade shows are a unique marketing opportunity because they have short runs and attract adoring industry fans to a megaplex of exhibitors.

The Butter on Your Popcorn
The average cost of closing a sale to a qualified trade show prospect is 1/3 the cost of closing that same sale out in the field.

Trade Show Success
More than likely, you’ve already had a taste of trade show success and you’re fully aware of what it takes to achieve trade show stardom.The pre-show preparation, to ensure you look your best–on camera. A fortune spent on shipping your display. Sponsorship commitments. Travel plans. Staff coordination. Alerting the media. You’re not new to this.

And, you’ve got the metrics in place to measure just how successful the shows have been. Taking advantage of all the qualified leads you’re acquiring and tracking your ROI3 (return on investment, innovation and influence).

If, by some chance, you haven’t achieved the level of stardom you’ve hoped for, guess what?

You’re Not Alone

Maybe you’ve been treating trade shows as individual events, rather than integrating them into your overall strategy—opting for cheap and quick booth graphics, slapping your logo on a promo stress ball and calling it a day. Once you return home, you and your team get bogged down and those costly leads fall by the wayside. You commit to doing a better job next year and it’s on to the next meeting about a meeting.

Trade Show Advantage
Strategy, planning, metrics and follow thru are the way to elevate your trade show star power. With a new purpose, plan and tools in place, you can make your trade show dollars count and be an Oscar contender in no time.

Get the biggest bang for your trade show buck. Download your Guide to Trade Show Stardom and use the handy check list included to create a memorable visitor experience before, during and after the show.  Lights, camera, action!

Here’s to creating a sensation.

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