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be thankful 

Do you have 5 minutes to call one of your customers today?

Just pick one.

Certainly you have 5 minutes to call one of your customers today.

Not to talk about their account.

Not to tell them about a new product or service that you have.

Not because you want anything from them.

Call a customer and simply ask how they are.
How is their job going?
Everything okay with their family?
Share something that reminded you of them, or their business,
or the city that they’re located in.

If you run out of things to say in 5 minutes, wrap up the call with this:

You know, as we enter into the holiday season,
I’ve thought about what I’m thankful for.
Its been a rough few years for our country.
You’re one of the people that makes it possible for me
to support myself and my family.

So, I wanted to call and thank you.

Chances are most of the people you call will be shocked.

Isn’t it funny that this is the exception and not the norm?


Make your presence felt.

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