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HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME: Measure Your App 6 Ways To Sunday

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Google Analytics any more than you do, they tell you about their summer plans. The best part: its all about YOU. Well, you and your app.

You’ve always loved your app. Heck, you created it from an idea. You put time into its strategy and creation, and it commanded a pretty penny to produce. Seems like only yesterday doesn’t it? But now, you’re wondering, “Was it worth it?” Google Analytics has felt your pain. Is your app worth it – wonder no more.

Currently in beta, and scheduled for release at the end of summer is Mobile App Analytics – courtesy of your friends and purveyors of all things free at Google. Unlike its older sibling, Google Analytics, this new mobile version of the infamous (and FREE) analytics will focus exclusively on a holistic view of your app – from from discovery to download to engagement:

• Downloads
• New Users
• App Sales
• In-App Purchases & Revenue
• Retention
• Conversions
• Crashes
• User Behavior
• Users By App Version
• Users OS System

What kinds of things will you be able to do from this new influx of yummy data? Not waste time on keeping support alive for outdated and unused version of your app for one. Support programs can be tailor-made based on specific user information: Who are your active users? Who opens your app everyday? Who has the newest version of your app? Who still uses an older version? How many people use the old version vs. the new version? What operating system are most of your users on? Who likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Forget that last one.

Making your app more relevant and streamlining your efforts – what could be better? Doing it all for free with Google Mobile App Analytics. Done.

Something to look forward to when summer is over…

For the whole scintillating story, stop by Google Analytics

Image: Matt Stanford via Flickr used under a Creative Commons License



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