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Remember that old commercial for Tootsie Pop® when the boy asks, “Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a TootsiePop®?” Mr. Owl replies, “One, a two, a three…a three.” Funny that we still remember it now, thirty years later. Coincidence? I think not!

Ever thought about how many random things have to happen in order for you or your sales people to meet a new customer? It CAN be very few, but most often it takes “more than three” and timing can be everything.

I was at the Word of Mouth conference in Austin last week and had the privilege of being part of a conversation between a sales rep and his customer. The epiphany between the two was how serendipitous it was (they didn’t actually use that word) that they met over ten years ago. How several random conversations and common connections led to what is now a profitable and long-standing relationship for both parties. Don’t get me wrong! Several things had to occur along the way to nurture this long-term relationship. Excellent customer service, product availability, on-time deliveries, etc.

What’s ironic though are the random acts and coincidences that happen daily that we sometimes take for granted. Somebody moves from one state to another and had they not they might not have ever joined that LBM group and connected with Tom at Bastanchury Building Products and, therefore, wouldn’t have the amazing and profitable relationship they have today. If you hadn’t taken the time to send that handwritten note to John at Custom Manufacturing he wouldn’t have been able to introduce you to Steve, whose now your largest customer and was the best man at your wedding. 

You and your team work really hard to sell potential customers on your products and services, but maybe what you need to do is serve. A handwritten note, lunch for no reason, flowers to take home to their wife on their anniversary or just a shoulder to lean on during a tough time. A few random ways to serve that lead to those long-lasting relationships that build your business.

So, just how many “licks” does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a TootsiePop®? The world may never know….now, go out and create some serendipity by doing random things.

And make your presence felt!

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