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How You Doin'? 

Have you seen my car?
Have you seen my muscles?
Surely you’ve heard about my sparkling personality.

Hey baby, how you doin’?

Although this Joey-esque invitation is so very appealing, Tina Fey’s response in the movie “Date Night” springs to mind. “Um, no thanks, Jeremy, I’m gonna go home and fart into a shoe box.”

In the dating scene this line might work, however, in the business world not so much. Funny how business parallels dating. You put the word out about how appealing you are and how awesome your products are and send your sales team out into the world to ask customers and prospects for a date. Some will be wooed by your good looks and saucy exterior. Many, however, will continue looking for someone else to date because you’re just not saying anything new. You sound like everyone else. You don’t seem sincere or genuine.

What does YOUR brand sound like? What is the tone of YOUR communications? Do your ads read like Darren Stevens crafted them with Larry Tate or do they communicate like real people talk? Is that same voice resonating thru your social media conversations too? What about your sales team? Are they communicating with that same voice and tone? Is everyone on the same page?

Ask Yourself 3 Questions 

1. Are Your Intentions Genuine?

2. Are You More Interested or Interesting?

3. Are You Talking Like a Commercial or Like a Person?

Review your site, emails, newsletters and ads and check for the power and authenticity of your voice. Is your voice true to your clients, true to their customers and true to your brand culture? Is it a playful tone or a serious tone? Does that resonate with your audience? They need to know that you “get them.” You understand where they’re coming from, the obstacles they face and the successes that propel them forward. 

When you speak from that authentic place that’s when real communications happens. That’s when a deeper connection is made and Tina changes her mind and says, yes! Yes to your interesting self. Yes to dating you. Yes, you smart and thoughtful brand, you. Tell me more.

So, how you doin’? How would you describe your brand voice? How would Tina Fey describe you to a friend?

Make your presence felt.

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