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Love is the power to see similarity in the dissimilar.
– Theodor Adorno

United Mechanical Consultants (UMC) is a team of unique mechanical engineerings with a divergent perception:

“Each building is a unique living organism, and as we would want for ourselves, robust airways and healthy arteries are necessary for a long healthy life of each building.

We focus on building lifestyle and suggest alternatives that will allow for reduced operating costs through creative application of proven technology to support each unique building.”

Living organism. Healthy arteries. Lifestyle. Unique. Are they talking about a person?

No, but for UMC, finding the parallels enabled them to discover new technology in existing systems.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
– Marcel Proust

In the U.S., buildings consume 40% of all generated electricity and contribute 50% of the global warming emissions. 30% – 60% of the building energy consumed is directly attributed to mechanical systems. What kind of innovations are still possible in a mature industry filled with innovative engineers? Haven’t all the cutting-edge advancements already taken place? 

UMC recognized that for the last 100 years, the heat generated to produce cooling in mechanical systems was often thrown away. Their Thermal Cogeneration™ and Heat Spectrum Analysis™ technology takes the cast off heat and puts it back to work – all while using existing equipment, decreasing energy consumption and reducing emissions.

Simply by looking with new eyes, UMC uncovered how to use conventional equipment in a unconventional way. This shift in perception created the space for an obvious innovation to be exposed – one that had been hiding in plain sight for a century. 

Perception is reality. It can create or drain enthusiasm for your work, having rippling effects with either a positive or negative impact. Love has the ability to naturally alter perceptions of what’s possible – for your customers, and for their customers. Its the laser focus of being “in the zone”, allowing what once was invisible to be revealed.

Reframe your perspective – make it a livin’ thing.

What kind of customer chemistry are you creating? Are you uncovering the invisible in your industry with a unique perception?

Love is powerful.

Photo: Thomas Hawke
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