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Hardworking. Honest. Inventive. Passionate.

These words describe our customers and probably yours.

So many companies, founded over fifty years ago, by a young man or woman with two nickels to rub together and a dream, to build what people needed because they couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Made in the USA means “built with heart.”

It’s why I love this country. It’s why we chose to specialize in the building materials industry. We have the privilege of working with genuine hardworking people who create something from nothing. Committed to honoring the past and laying a solid groundwork for the future, they are the infrastructure of this nation.

It’s exciting to see the torch passed from one generation to the next. Brimming with new ideas, a whole lotta gumption and a healthy amount of fear, Jr. takes up where Sr. leaves off and commences to carry on the family tradition. The next generation always has new ways and means, however, there is one thing that remains unchanged—pride. Pride in making great products, in the employees and families they support and in helping their customers succeed. Also, pride in supporting this great nation and carrying on the Made in the USA tradition.

Ironically, we’re all Made in the USA. WE ARE American made.

Being that most of us reading this are Americans, we’re preparing to celebrate with good food, beautiful weather (cross your fingers) and maybe some spirits (if the mountains are blue). Now, we each have our own library of memories stored up from many Fourth of July’s passed. When I think about the 4th of July all sorts of happy memories come rushing to the surface; family reunions at Chesterfield Park (a giant burg in Indiana), watching my Uncle Larry and my dad compete for the title of “best burger flipper”, nearly burning a finger off with sparklers, laying back on the hood of the car waiting impatiently for the sky to light up, and feeling my eyes well up when I hear the words to my favorite American tribute song (http://youtu.be/xf8hfZuzw_A) during a fireworks spectacular.

What are some of your favorite Fourth of July memories? What does Made in the USA mean to you?

Create a sensational memory this weekend. Happy 4th!


P.S. My Aunt Barb’s specialty was Cherry Delight…yum! What’s your favorite food on the 4th?

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