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Is Your Marketing System Set Up to Compete TODAY?


If you’re only measuring return on investment (ROI), you’re missing out! Test your Marketing Signal Strength and start getting a return on investment, innovation and influence (ROI cubed).

Find out if you’re marketing like a:

  • Rival
  • Challenger
  • Leader

When the volume is turned way down, or you’re not blasting anything your audience cares about, you make it hard to recognize you, find you, and trust you.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Connect on an Emotional Level

Getting to the heart of your customers

Customers in every industry seek a greater connection with the brands they choose to incorporate into their lives.

Design + Science + Emotion

Customer Chemistry between people and brands then becomes a brandnew interaction.

Expanding the accepted goal of ROI to ROI (cubed).

To do this you’ve got to connect with heart at every relevant touchpoint. aka Say something that matters to the people who will care.

Shared Values

Each sale begins at the intersection of shared values. Yours and your customers’.

A common misconception is that your brand is only about you.

It isn’t. A sizable part of every brand is about who you’re selling to: customers (human beings).

Your brand is your promise. It’s what you deliver before, during, and after the sale.

  • What’s in it for them?
  • Why should they buy this?
  • Why should they buy this from you?

CONTENT IS KING: Substance is Your Brand Foundation

Before you jump in and crank up the volume, write the ‘lyrics’ your customers want to hear.

This means understanding who your audience(s) are, what they care deeply about and what problems you help them solve.

Develop a Content Strategy to determine what you’re going to say, to whom, where and how often.

Your brand’s voice, tone, and personality should be thoughtfully crafted to create familiarity. Familiarity and consistency breed trust.

START WHERE YOU ARE: Measure Your Signal Strength

Use the Periodic Table of Customer Touch Points to assess where you are TODAY. Determine which touchpoints are currently ACTIVE, which ones are OPTIMIZED, and which ones are completely dormant.

Actively be where your competition, customers and prospective buyers are.

1) Activate dormant touchpoints.

2) Optimize existing touchpoints.

3) Engaging consistently and creatively to earn attention, trust and sales.


BREAK IT DOWN: The 7 Categories and Why Each One Matters

Identity: The Art of Shaping Buyer Perception
A well-crafted identity attracts buyers, reducing the amount of effort you need to close new sales

Print: Still Alive and Kicking
To customers, print says you’re serious because pixels are cheap. And, it’s become the exception, not the norm.

Online: The World Talks Back
By the time you answer the phone, most of the selling has already been done for you—by the customers who’ve visited your website, read your blog, and downloaded your white paper.

Mobile: Marketing That’s Going Places
No longer tied to their desks, Mobile makes you visible in the critical moments when buying decisions.

Social: The Global Party Line
Connecting you with individual buyers at scale. You can participate in this conversation, shape it, and (l)earn from it.

Location: Full Contact Branding
Consistent branding across uniforms, vehicles, outdoor signage and other Location elements encourages your people to think and work as a team, with greater professionalism and pride.

Conference: You are Here
Done right, the Conference experience can last all year by making buyers part of an ongoing conversation.


The systems you have in place are perfect for the results you’re currently getting. You’re either marketing to be a Challenger, Rival, or a Leader.

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Preparation and a strong foundation support a connected system that’s built to last. Create change and amplify your results. 

Stop losing sales. Build a better system. 

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