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You may be blissfully unaware that this exists and that it’s getting in your way and making sales harder.

I call it Me-Too Myopia:

When a manufacturer follows the crowd instead of differentiating out loud and daring to do and say something new or unique.

When I started my business back in 1994, I was a bright-eyed, enthusiastic 27-year-old who yearned to be successful by helping companies communicate more effectively.

I followed the crowd of other agencies and modeled our offering after theirs. Felt safe. Tried and trusted.

Quickly I recognized patterns among the clients we served. They were all leading with head and not heart. Working hard to differentiate based on features and benefits.

Tapping into the rational side of the brain.

People make buying decisions 90% of the time based on emotion. So, this meant they were effectively making sales harder.

For years I wanted to lead with empathy and emotional connection as our unique differentiator, but resisted due to the nay-sayers around me.

That’s too soft, they said.
It won’t appeal to your audience, they said.
Nobody else is talking about that, they said.

Stick with the status quo and play it safe. Try to attract the most manufacturers. Don’t talk about marketing with HEART!

My business had a bad case of ME-TOO Myopia! 💩
Making sales harder, as a result.

The cure I discovered, and have since applied to my business and that of every client who dared to blaze a trail…

 Top 10 Ways to Cure ME-TOO Myopia in Manufacturing 

  1. Focus more on your customers and less on your competitors
  2. Differentiate: craft a stronger Unique Value Proposition
  3. Be YOU, everyone else is taken
  4. Give people something they can’t get anywhere else
  5. Fear less and create more
  6. Invite people into your story, show them their desired hero state
  7. Make and market meaningfully for the people who will care
  8. Don’t be afraid to make a ruckus; be memorable
  9. Worry less about offending someone; focus more on mattering to someone
  10. Get in the arena and show up before you’re ready or comfortable

A healthier culture, more energized sales team, customers finding you, trusting, and choosing you faster, increased loyalty, greater exposure, higher engagement with a growing community, making sales easier, exponential growth. (NO vomiting, rash, excessive weight gain or explosive diarrhea)

The most beloved and successful brands aren’t just seen and heard, they’re felt.
Connecting to the heart of your ideal customer.


🔥 TAKEAWAY: Of course, you can choose to ignore the signs and play it safe!

Keep spending gobs of money showing up at those trade shows with no strategy and an exciting iPad giveaway. (like everyone else)

Continue to resist social media and digital marketing or just do the bare minimum because you’re uncomfortable with it and don’t really understand it. (like everyone else)

Leave your website covered in WE-WE and focused on your products. (like everyone else)

Lead with exciting features and benefits and tap into 10% of buyers’ brains. (like everyone else)

Ignore building an algorithm-resistant email subscriber list and communicating regularly. (like everyone else)

Or, you can adapt and make sales easier once and for all. It’s up to you!


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