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Author, speaker, and King of Talk Triggers, Jay Baer, reminds us that “word of mouth is STILL the best way to grow, but it can’t be taken for granted.”


Because competency doesn’t create conversations.

We don’t tell stories about “good”. We tell stories about “unexpected.”

( 🤦🏻‍♂️ Brick to the head)

And to this, you’re thinking, “All well and good, but we sell (FILL IN THE BLANK: drywall, wire harnesses, rubber couplings, or circuit board assemblies). Not very sexy or exciting. We’re kind of dull. This idea won’t work for us.”

What about selling barley, hops, and malts to brewers? NOT VERY SEXY.

Let’s look at Brewers Supply Group, based in Minnesota, for a sec.

When it comes to BSG, what’s the story brewery pros talk about? Their superior grains? Maybe (after all, they’re the best quality).

“The story is about a Salted Nut Roll.

Yes, the antique candy that combines nougat of questionable provenance with peanuts of dubious lineage in a bright, red wrapper.

One of these gems is hidden in each pallet of grains shipped by BSG.

When the shipment arrives, brewery pros go into full Hunger Games mode trying to be the first to find the Nut Roll.

This has become such a “thing” that not only do brewers talk about it amongst themselves, some are actually making Salted Nut Roll beers as an homage.

This, of course, spreads the story even further, creating additional momentum for Brewers Supply Group.”

They’re successfully creating a deeper emotional connection. Not simply to the products they sell, but to the brand and mission. They’re creative, thoughtful, and not like everyone else in their space.

So, how does your B2B brand leverage your unique position and story to do the unexpected and become talk-worthy?

  1. Find and partner with or feature a Local Brand i.e. family-owned business with local roots that mirrors your roots/story
  2. Consider your audience and what matters to them aka being recognized and appreciated…not just the decision-maker who buys from you but the folks unloading and using your products.
  3. Get creative/Explore/Try something new…BSG started out with hard candies and then switched to the nut rolls.
  4. Create content around it – Blog post, social posts, emails, videos, T’s, campaigns
  5. Encourage your audience to share selfies, videos, Tik Toks, and posts about the experience and feature THEM
  6. Create a hashtag like #BrewersLunch (notice they didn’t call it #BrewersSupplyGroupLunch OR #LunchOnBSG OR #BSGNutRolls) They made it about the Brewer!
  7. Be consistent and have fun; you’re human, remember?!

More references and ideas for you here and here!

The most beloved and successful brands aren’t just seen and heard, they’re felt.
Connecting to the heart of your ideal customer.


🔥 TAKEAWAY: You don’t have to go NUTS to become a talk-worthy brand!

However, it doesn’t hurt to remember who you’re doing this for, how they want to feel, and include them in the story.

Remember, it isn’t about you and your products. What matters is WHY you do this and HOW it helps solve a problem (or three). And, frankly, don’t be afraid to be HUMAN and have some FUN!

It doesn’t have to cost a zillion dollars and it doesn’t have to take a Herculion effort.

You just have to be willing to stop resting on your laurels and doing what you’ve always done, put your audience first, and step outside the dull box.

Here’s to helping customers FEEL a connection with you and your brand. Making sales easier!


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