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Contemplations on a plane. WWWWD? (What Would Wonder Woman Do?)

Have you ever been on a sales call or sitting in a meeting and someone stops you mid-sentence and says, “Yeah, yeah, that’s just (fill in the blank) 101, tell me something I don’t know.”

For me, it’s “Marketing 101” (cause that’s what we do).

This phrase makes me want to climb through the phone or across the table and punch someone in the face. 🤯

This week we did a couple of posts about it. (in case you missed ‘em click here)

Here’s the rub…
if it’s just Marketing 101 and so basic, then why aren’t they already doing it?!

Doing ALL the things:
-understanding what makes their customers tick
-telling their unique compelling story
-executing on a connected holistic strategy
-owning a brand promise and position that customers won’t or can’t copy
-showing up consistently, where customers are
-engaging on an emotional level instead of stuffing people with the ‘features and benefits buffet’
-nurturing people internally and externally

Do they really think it’s that simple?
Beneath them?

Or, are they confused about what constitutes Marketing 101? Unaware of what’s missing? So overwhelmed with the pressure to grow sales and change the world by next Tuesday that they’re going for the quick fix. Fast and furious. 🔥

-Redesign the website.
-Startup a social media blitz.
-Order up a new trade show booth.
-Dump some cash into Google ad words.

Do they know something I don’t? Maybe I’m out in leftfield.

Because here’s what I know.

Fast and furious is what people do when they don’t know what else to do. When they want a quick hit. Generate a short-lived sales spike. Interrupt people. Sell people their widget. Convince the sales team and management they’ve moved the needle.

I guess it depends on your intention.

Do you want to build a tribe, grow your company, attract and retain employees, make meaningfully for generations? 🤷🏼‍♂️

The manufacturers who are doing this well aren’t going for the quick hit. They know this is a long game. That building a successful company today requires Marketing 101 +++.

Just look at Big Ass Fans, Matrix 4, Festool, Yeti, New Pig, Makers Mark, or Hiut Denim.

⚡️Understanding your audience on a more intimate level.

⚡️Aligning with them through your shared values, your compelling unique story and the way you show up to serve them.

⚡️Accomplishing this takes curiosity, gumption, and authenticity.

⚡️A connected strategy that’s built on a solid foundation that exists to support sales and nurture customers.

Sometimes it means saying, “I don’t know and I’m willing to learn.” And agreeing to do it right, even if it takes a little longer and feels a little harder.

Choosing to make things people want instead of making people want things.

Or do I need to take off the rose-colored glasses and stop being so sensitive already?

What do you think?

🔥 Lesson learned: Not every manufacturer wants to build a tribe, be extraordinary, and beloved. And some do.

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