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Did you happen to catch this LinkedIn article that sums up the 411 on marketing acronyms? (CAC, CLV, CPC, CVR, ROI, and so on and so on)

Frankly, I had mixed emotions!

☝🏼 On the one hand, these little juicy initial clusters are helpful and important to measure success IF you’re a manufacturer who has your brand foundation and strategy dialed in.

✌🏼 On the other hand, this loooong list can be confusing as hell IF you’re a manufacturer who has no defined strategy, customer personas, clear differentiator, unique value proposition, brand personality/voice/tone, relevant website and content, and consistent social media presence.

If you fall into the first camp, you’re prepared and actually ready to market online. And are most likely regularly measuring return on all the acronyms.

You’ve got a designated point person in-house and you’re most likely working with an (digital) agency or a consultant to execute a strategy with clear goals and a proper budget to measure against.

However, if you fall into the second camp, you may be spending money on advertising, Google ad words, boosted posts, and tradeshows, but you’re wasting your money.

By not having the appropriate foundation, you’re making it harder to find you, like and trust you, and ultimately choose you. You’re making sales harder and customer acquisition way more expensive than it needs to be.

It’s not just digital marketing that’s sucking you dry with less-than-stellar results.

How much did you spend on trade shows in the last twelve months? What was your ROI for each? If you actually measured it.

Worth the spend? ;-0

Ironically, I wrote an important article about this in 2018 that’s still just as relevant and important TODAY as it was then!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s in the article that you can use to stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t grow sales 👇🏼 Notice the “amplifiers” are way down the list.


1 – 360° View
INTERNAL ALIGNMENT:  Shared Vision For The Customer Experience
Uncover your unfair advantage.

2 – Brand Infrastructure
SPECIALTY vs. COMMODITY: Who Customers Think You Are
Make it easier to know you.

3 – Marketing Strategy
PLANNED vs. HAPHAZARD: How, Where and When You Interact
Make it easier to find you.

4 – Content Strategy
PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE: How Often You Interact
Make it easier to rely on you.

5 – Content
ENGAGED vs. IGNORED: What You Say, How You Sound
Make it easier to choose you.

6 – Amplifiers (identity, online, social, mobile, print, trade show)
CONVERTING vs. INTERRUPTING: How You Connect Pre and Post-Sale
Make it easier to buy from you.


Marketing Plan Guide for Manufacturers


⚡️Connect with prospects faster
⚡️Make it easier to know and trust you
⚡️Nurture customers before and after the sale

Reach your desired state faster. Knock that top-line growth goal out of the park. In other words, drive the conversation and conversion and make sales easier.


You deserve to stop wasting your hard-earned money on marketing that’s making sales harder and start generating a bigger return now — on your investment, your innovation, and your influence.

Time to market smarter and make sales easier. Schedule a call TODAY.


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