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Merry Feltmas!

Happy seasons!

There are plenty of gift-buying guides out there. THIS, however, is not that.

THIS is a gift-getting guide, hand-selected for manufacturers and sales and marketing leaders.

Free gifts, for you. 

Whether you’re shopping for help with:

  • A strategic plan that will make sales easier…
  • A guide to social media to build your tribe and lead the conversation 
  • Leveraging data to stop “selling naked”
  • Content marketing that will help you become seen, heard, and felt

You’ll find it here. You’ll also find new virtuosos to follow, learn from, collaborate with, and, of course, stalk. (but only in the good way)

Presenting…the Feltmas Gifting Fest

That’s right! Ho ho ho, and happy everything. Instead of telling you what scented candle to buy for your sister-in-law this season, we’ve put together something for YOU.

We asked all the experts we know, manufacturers from our MFG OutLoud podcast, and alums of our masterminds and Breakthrough Bootcamp, for their best ideas, strategies, and resources.

All rounded up in one grab bag so you can have at it.

Marketing, content, social media, business strategy, sales, personal development, and more: these Felt game-changers cover the gamut.



The One Hour a Week That Feels Like Your Favorite Pair of Jeans
Zoom overload and online fatigue are real and they’re affecting just about all of us. Fear not, there is one LIVE get-together happening every Thursday that you’ll actually start to crave. Tune in to the Exit Your Way Rountable with Damon Pistulka and Andrew Cross for a seasoned group of experts, entrepreneurs, and all-around amazing humans. You’ll meet new people you otherwise would’ve never met, grow your network with high-quality people, and expand your business horizons like you never thought possible. 


Sales and Marketing GameChangers Mini-Series for Manufacturers
Industry experts Ben Baker, Allison DeFord, Mark Mitchell, Ray Ziganto, Chris Luecke, and Mark Roberts bring you a master class in marketing with style, resources, and wit in this 4-part series. Pairs nicely with morning coffee or in the evening with a night cap.

PART 1 – Marketing That’s Seen, Heard, and Felt

PART 2 – Leveraging Data to Stop Selling Naked

PART 3 – Reducing Risk to Make Sales Easier

PART 4 – Leading Your Team in the New Normal


5 Ways to Incorporate Linkedin Stories into Your Marketing
How can you make the most of this mobile-first, mixed-media format? This infographic explores five key ways you can incorporate LinkedIn Stories into your marketing plan. Once upon a time…


Make Sales Easier
Are you showing up and making sales easier at every possible customer touchpoint? Download the Manufacturer’s Guide to Signal Strength and be certain!


Manufacturers Digitization Sprint – Jogging on autopilot or running with scissors?!
In case you missed it, the Digitization Sprint for Manufacturers is a 4-week series from our partners at Alibaba and it was nothing short of mind-blowing! So much more on the horizon from them and Felt and it’s made just for you. Accelerate your digital connection and make eCommerce work for you.


Change Your Marketing and Results in 10 Short Minutes
Could 10 minutes really change your marketing and your results? Tune in to More Than a Few Words podcast where Lorraine Ball (podcasting maven) and I unpack modern marketing that makes sales easier for manufacturers, in 10 short minutes. https://bit.ly/3jHnish


You’re Off To See the Whizard
Not a type and oh what a blog to follow! Subscribe to the world-class blog Whizard Strategies from Mark Mitchell. But only if you want to grow your sales and marketing, especially if you’re in building materials. You’re welcome!


5 PPC Optimization Hacks to Improve Your Google Ad Campaigns
Think you have to be a PPC ads ninja to have success with your campaigns? Think again. This article breaks down 5 ways you can improve your building materials campaigns on your own, so you can save money and generate more leads for your business. Click here to start saving and generating more leads! (Even if you’re not in building materials)


21 Nonobvious Ways to Network Remotely
How do you build relationships without in-person events and meetups…? The wonderful Goldie Chan polls 21 leaders for their best ideas.


This is Marketing – FOR FREE
One of the best books on Marketing ever is This is Marketing from Seth Godin. “This is chance you’ve been waiting for. The opportunity to bring work you care about to people eager to engage with it, pay you for it, and talk about it.” Get it free on Audible here.


Changing the Channel with the Help of a Whizard (not a typo)
No other industry is as dependent on the channel of distribution for its success than the building materials industry. Many people new to the industry and ad agencies don’t realize this and struggle to develop effective sales and marketing programs. Mark Mitchell wrote a book just for you. Get it here and go knock your channel marketing out of the park.


PEEL Good Inspiration
Sometimes it’s the little things. The smallest detail. A sticker on your package from Amazon that says YOU MATTER or HI THERE or MADE FOR YOU. It may seem silly, but when was the last time any of your customers received snail mail or boxes of products with a fun or surprising little message stuck to it? They could. Small, cheap, and easy. Check out MOO!



Your Guide to 300% More
We created a Social Media Guide just for you. And, it’s as exciting as picking up piles of money right off the sidewalk!. Make it easier to know and trust you. Connect with prospects faster. And, nurture customers during and after the sale. As a result, customers will be 300% more likely to recommend you. We also left a breadcrumb trail of insights and tips here.


Clearing Up Some of the Mystery Around Social Media ROI
Backed by data from over 11,100 respondents, and in-depth interviews with top experts at agencies, brands, and social platforms, this global 2021 report shines a light on the top trends in social and how your organization can demystify social ROI. From our friends at Hootsuite.



Why Email Is So Powerful For Your Marketing and Your Bottom Line
Think putting all your marketing eggs in the social media algorithmically controlled basket is wise? Here’s what you’re missing and why you’ll want to include email (secret sauce) in that basket! Get the delicious details!


Get the only newsletter focused on marketing and brand building for manufacturers that make sales easier. Conveniently consumable!   https://lnkd.in/gqyxwDP (unless you like wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t grow sales)


For the Love of Email
94% of marketing executives say email is one of their top 3 most effective marketing channels. And 80% say they’d rather give up social media than email marketing. Tap in to this and level up The State of Email Report (Fall 2020): The Email Data & Trends from a COVID-19 World


WWWWD (What Would Wonder Woman Do)
If it’s just Marketing 101 then why isn’t everyone already doing it? This article will show you why it isn’t so easy and why everyone is, in fact, not doing it. Catch it here.



Give Customers the Treatment They Desire
Would You Do That To Your Mother, is a brilliant read from expert Jeanne Bliss that shows companies how to give customers the treatment they desire, and employees the ability to deliver it.



Why You Have Content Marketing All Wrong
The conversation is happening with or without you. And, leaving it to your competitors is like leaving money lying on the sidewalk. Piles of $$$$! You can step over it and keep consuming from the sidelines or you can pick it up and take it to the bank. Here are 5 Great Lessons from a Marketoonist!


Generate 15 Conversations From 1 Single Piece of Content
This CONTENT GUIDE is nothing shy of a home run! You’ll connect with prospects faster, make it easier to know and trust you and nurture customers before and after the sale. And, it’s free-99!


Find Out How Your Content Rates
Evaluate the different content and conversion elements on your website for free. This interactive PDF allows you to create a benchmark of your site, and evaluate it as you make improvements. Brought to you by Greg Mischio and Winbound.


Generate More Writing Ideas with These 5 Google Tools
Some of our favorite techniques to generate new content ideas, using Google. By following these techniques, you should find yourself on the path toward a more well-managed, strategic content idea generation process.


How to Write Almost Anything
Whether you’re just looking to punch up your tweets or have ambitions to write the Great American Novel, we’ve got you covered with this collection of great articles about the craft of writing, well, just about anything.


Ann On-Demand
Content Marketing in the Age of Uncertainty In this on-demand talk, Wilson Raj (Global Director of Customer Intelligence at SAS) and Ann Handley (Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs and best-selling author) discuss how to respond to current needs, recover revenue, reinvent your brand for resiliency.


For the LOVE of Public Speaking
It’s ok. Most people are terrified of it. Ever considered getting a coach? You could! And find your perfect voice. Join the Oscar-winning actors, TV hosts, motivational speaker & top corporate executives who use Roger Love’s training.



Stop Being the Best-kept Secret
This book provides an eCommerce strategic roadmap that’s all about you. Step by step, we’ll focus on Manufacturing eCommerce Strategies and how they apply to your business. The ultimate goal is helping you “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret” while maximizing profit opportunities. Read
Stop Being the Best-kept Secret: Ecommerce for Manufacturers 


A No Smoke and Mirrors Approach to Improving Sales
Mark Roberts will help you improve sales strategy, recruiting, coaching, sales-readiness, and results with his proven system. Learn more here and start making sales easier once and for all!



Re-onboard Every Employee
70% of employees are not engaged and 50% are on the lookout for a new job. These statistics are mind-blowing and costing you $$$$$ every year. As a result of this pandemic, employees feel more disengaged than ever. This is an opportunity to re-onboard each one. And you don’t even have to leave your desk. Or do it alone. That’s what Ben Baker and his team are for.


Sales Reps 90-Day Review
When executed correctly, a great assessment sets the tone for a sales rep’s career with your organization. Sadly, many sales leaders don’t have a defined process for the 90-day review. Even worse, many leaders don’t do a 90-day review with newly hired sales reps. This creates a disconnect between the sales rep and the sales leader. Kick-off new sales rep relationships with this assessment from Nigel Green. Sales Rep’s 90 Day Review


3-Step Mindset Reset with Mel Robbins
Define the changes you want to make, increase your confidence, and the tools to get you started (even if you’re still in lockdown). This free 3 day series will help you break out of the Rona funk and get down to business. Tune in with your host Mel Robbins.


Crisis Communications: We’re Here For You
How are you communicating with customers, employees and vendors during this rare and unique time? A funny reminder from Tom Fishburn (The Marketoonist) “Empathy fuels connection. Sympathy drives disconnection … Empathy is I’m feeling with you. Sympathy, I’m feeling for you.” -Brené Brown


Some Good News (SGN)
Stumbled upon this fantastic new impromptu internet ‘news’ show this year, from John Krasinski, called SGN. It’s incredibly funny, warm, and real. Break it out when you need some good news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oilZ1hNZPRM


TAP TAP TAP — 3-MInute Stress Reliever
Need a quick stress reliever? Nick Ortner’s tapping technique will help you lower your stress levels in three minutes — using nothing but your fingertips. Nick has taught millions of people the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) through his company, The Tapping Solution. https://youtu.be/v__Z7c6WC0A


Infinite Mindset Reminder from Simon Sinek
An infinite mindset will help you stop labeling your day ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and master a healthier mindset during this tumultuous time. Watch it here. Pass it along to your employees/team/customers or create your own. Together, we’ll get through this. Keep calm and manufacture on!


Age is Just a Number Until it Isn’t
This crazy Linkedin post we wrote on “ageism”…it’s now at over 134,000 views and counting. The takeaway is this: If you’re feeling too young or too old, you’re not alone. And, it’s incredibly important to drop the ‘labels’ and see people as humans, instead of millennials, or Gen Z or boomers.



Courageous Conversations For Manufacturers
Every week Allison DeFord and Ray Ziganto release a new episode of MFG OutLoud, bringing you courageous conversations about sales and marketing to fuel your . Experts across every facet of manufacturing bring knowledge and know-how to help you improve and build massive results. And manufacturers get real, tell their stories and show you what’s possible when you do things you didn’t know how to do.
Tune in here. Subscribe here. 


Manufacturing HAPPY HOUR
Welcome to the happy hour that makes manufacturing current, cool, and approachable…1 pint and 1 conversation at a time. Tune in with your host Chris Luecke. For over a decade, he’s been helping manufacturers reduce their costs and drive profitability & growth through automation technologies. Now he helps those same people tell their story and attract the right clients & talent to their business. http://manufacturinghappyhour.com/



Pretty great group, right? These movers and shakers, sales trainers, leadership masters, content ninjas, and marketing sherpas are all passionate advocates for getting to the heart of your ideal customer and becoming seen, heard, and most of all FELT.

So? What did you snap up?

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