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LBM Dealers Guide to Pro Sales

Most manufacturers waste time and money on marketing that doesn’t grow sales. Why? Keeping all the content, social, digital, and customer experience balls in the air isn’t easy.

Besides that, it’s hard to know who to trust, which tactics create the right formula, and how exactly to measure your ROI³. (You read that right—return on investment, innovation, and influence are today’s ROI)

Ever-changing technology makes most plans obsolete in a matter of months. Not to mention the expectations of customers are constantly increasing. What used to be helpful, fast, or empathetic 1-3 years ago is now the norm. Expected!

At Felt Marketing, we help manufacturers retrofit their marketing systems to make sales easier and more profitable. Connecting to the heart of their ideal customer on an emotional level (how people make decisions 90% of the time).

Because now you’re not just seen and heard, you’re felt. 


Over the last twenty-five-plus years, we’ve uncovered common problems getting in the way of real growth for manufacturers. Much of our work is focused on solving problems like these for manufacturers like you:

1. Your company was founded over 50 years ago and has never really had a documented connected marketing system and you realize you’ve got to have one now to make sales easier and more profitable.

2. You’re suffering from the WE-WE Syndrome—your website, social feeds, and emails are covered in we do this, we’re experts in, we’ve been in business forever, we have a new product aka your customer isn’t the hero of your story, you are.

3. You’re not really sure what your unfair advantage is and you don’t have a crystal clear Unique Value Proposition that everyone in your company can recite.

4. You’re a hero on a mission, but your mission statement is long and wordy and hard to remember and you’re not inviting customers into your story.

5. You know you need to create content and you just don’t have the time or in-house capability.

6. Your social media strategy is M.I.A. and you’re not seeing any real results from your reactive efforts.

7. Overall your marketing efforts are reactive instead of proactive, making it harder to find you, trust you and choose you.

8. You invest a lot of money in trade shows but have no pre and post-show strategy and you don’t follow up to know what your ROI was, but you keep doing this every single year.

9. You’ve had a bad experience with an ‘agency’ before and now you don’t trust them.

10. You think you know what motivates your customers and what keeps them up at night but you haven’t done a voice of customer survey in five years (or never), so you’re basing your marketing messaging on assumptions and not getting measurable results.

11. Your sales and marketing people are siloed and don’t play well together and this is hindering your growth

12. You feel like your existing marketing plan is too broad or vague, but you aren’t sure how to boost relevancy by targeting specific customer needs and segments.

13. You don’t have documented customer personas for each audience type, complete with a face and a name, making it hard to visualize who you’re marketing for and on behalf of.

14. Your customers need to find answers, how-to’s, and resources on your site and you haven’t gotten around to improving that experience for them yet.

15. You think you’re everywhere your customers are and the volume is turned way up when, in fact, you’re actually only whispering and it’s hard for them to hear you, you’re lost in the crowd.

16. You’re tired of being the best-kept secret in the industry because your product is truly superior, but you’re not sure where to start to change that.

17. You don’t have an email opt-in and you’re not growing your ‘algorithm resistant’ email list to earn their attention in a personal way.

At Felt, you’re the hero of our story! Schedule a call, let’s see how we can help you.

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