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Welcome to your new habit: MOBILEWe’re cranking up The Who’s classic hit “Going MObile” on the 8-track tape player as THE NEW STATE OF MARKETING Road Trip heads for Habit, Kentucky. It’s in the middle of nowhere so we’re also cheating a bit, setting our retro vibe aside long enough to fire up the GPS app on one of our phones. Luckily, Mobile is this month’s theme — otherwise we’d never find the place.

Going Mobile Changes Everything

The automobile wasn’t the first mobile revolution. The horse, the wheel, the train and other innovations have earlier claims on that distinction. But the car changed the way we live and work on an amazing level.

Suddenly you didn’t have to live around the corner from your job. You could get a house outside the bustle of the city, where land was cheaper (for a while) and elbow room was easier to come by. You could go anywhere whenever you liked, whether or not there was a train headed that way. It became easier to buy products from all over the country, and even the world. Business trips and family vacations became more economical, whether across town or across the country. And our beloved pastime — the Road Trip — was born.

The explosion of Mobile technology is changing the world in much the same way, only it’s not just people on the move. Now they can access information, communicate with your business, and purchase nearly anything, from any place, at any time.

Say hello to a new world of opportunity

Mobile gives B2B buyers freedom to do business anywhere.Mobile phones aren’t just for talking anymore. They’ve completely changed our habits (hence this month’s destination). For example, many people now prefer to text instead of talking on the phone. Today your phone is a portable entertainment center, a camera, a flashlight, a compass, an interactive map, a game console, an encyclopedia, and a whole lot more. You can even use it to control a flying drone.

But what matters most to your business is this: we use them to buy.

Mobile now influences every phase of the purchasing cycle, from the content prospects read when they’re at the top of the sales funnel…to the specs they review in the field…to apps and websites they use to place orders. The latest devices even process the payment itself. If all else fails, they can call still do everything the “old-fashioned” way just by tapping your phone number. If you’re mobile-friendly, buyers can do business with you just about anywhere, from Duluth to Dubai.

Here’s another trend you should be watching: people aren’t afraid to buy with mobile devices anymore. According to a study released by the Reputation Institute in April of 2016, the most trusted company in the United States (not just online) was Amazon.com. In fact, buyer trust in Amazon ranked higher than Hallmark, Johnson & Johnson, Rolex, and even Disney. Later that month Amazon’s stock surged on news that its revenue was up 28 percent.

Buyers are mobile. Are you?As Mobile becomes a universal way for customers to research and purchase everything from light bulbs to lumber, their expectations are changing. As of last year, customers who are thinking about buying are reaching for their phones and tablets more than 50% of the time. That will affect your business sooner or later, converting mobile from an option that’s nice to have into something you can’t live without before you know it.

Why wait to become obsolete? Mobile can offer your manufacturing business significant advantages right now.

See you down the road,

Your friends at FELT

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