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Two of the most common challenges you’re facing right now are ONE how to engage consumers better and TWO how to engage architects and designers. Even though many of you are in the BtoB space, you can certainly take advantage of engaging consumers and specifiers earlier in the buying cycle. Someone is going to drive them there— that someone can be you. 

Consider these recent consumer statistics as reported by MultiChannel Merchant:

  1. Nearly two out of five (38%) online consumers follow retailers through one or more social networking sites.
  2. Four in 10 (43%) said they are looking for product information and 36% want to post/read comments about merchandise or services. 
  3. Three in 10 consumers who follow retailers via social media say they are looking for information about events (34%), current trends and ideas (31%), or photos and videos (30%), such as “how-to’s” and styling ideas, as well as expert opinions (27%).
  4. Online consumers in the U.S. already follow an average of 9.3 retail companies on Pinterest, compared to the average 6.9 retailers they follow on Facebook and the 8.5 retailers they track via Twitter.

I am asked daily, “With Facebook and Twitter and Google+, should we also have a presence on Pinterest?” My answer is YES. Pinterest is an obvious choice for ANY retailer interested in driving sales – especially in light of the phenomenal growth that Pinterest has experienced just this year alone. 

The sheer number of people flocking to it, spending time on it, and the referral traffic generated from it are reasons enough for brands to be involved with it. Historically advertising has focused on “words” and “information” to sell products to customers. Pinterest is different AND revolutionary because it is 100% visual. (not to mention FREE) You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Pinteresting Statistics

+ Average of 1.36 million users daily

+ The majority of visitors are females 25-34

+ 28% have a household income of $100k+

+ 15.8 minutes is the average time spent on Pinterest, ahead of Facebook and Twitter

+ 11,716,000 unique visitors in January 2012

+ Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks. They’ll also spend 10% more on average. (Wayfair)

The opportunity for connecting with your audience comes with linking each image back to your website, or to a landing page designed specifically to showcase a specific line, product or project. Imagine what you could say with images and idea “boards” of all the things you can do with the products you carry. The possibilities are limitless. And, the best part, it’s all trackable.

Brings to mind a question from a book I’m reading right now: Are you doing the most with what you’ve got? You’ve got a way to pack a real visual punch! Show consumers and specifiers what they can do with your products on Pinterest! 

Here’s to making your presence felt!

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