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This is not business as usual. How are you doing?

In a few short (long-ass) weeks, our worlds have been turned upside down with this novel Coronavirus on a day-to-day basis.

It’s been an interesting journey so far. One minute we’re in a creative white-hot flow, multi-tasking, and feeling on top of the world #wfh, of course.

And, the next minute we feel like a caged animal — anxious, tense and like it’s hard to breathe. Impatient!!


As a business leader and marketer, it’s tempting to lose ourselves in impatience right now. We’re being tested ‘BIGly.’

Lack of patience has made many a good man/woman mean, would-be successes failures, and countless good ideas abandoned just as they were about to become real.

It also leads to almost all cultural ills related to greed and poor financial decision-making—short term profit rather than long-term growth.

The greatest thing we can do right now is to remain calm, adjust and adapt (daily at this point), and remember how we, as people and brands, want to be remembered long after this novel crisis is behind us.

Delta Airlines CEO, Ray Bastian, recently posted this on Linkedin:

“Crises don’t build character. Crises reveal character.”

Because how we do one thing is how we do everything.

The most predictable moments when people break their integrity are when they are desperate. Are we on the brink of ruin? Probably not. Although it feels like it when the stock market loses 2,000 points in a day and all media outlets lead with shortages, death, uncertainty, and panic.

As strong people and brands, we will not succumb to impatience or desperation. We are too smart for that. And, too committed to our bigger vision.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do and we’re committed to the people we’re doing it for.

Expressing this intention happens through our salespeople, our employees, our marketing and our response to this current crisis.

Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers: Adapting to a New Normal During the Coronavirus
How we show up matters. Right now, people don’t want to be sold anything. They want to feel cared for. Heard. Safe. Reassured.

  1. Give salespeople the support and resources to stay connected and serve digitally.
  2. Create a contest for salespeople and reward them with a cool set of PJ’s (’cause, working from home) Not necessarily who ‘sells’ the most, but who ‘connects’ with the most customers, or who connects in the most creative way. Details up to you.
  3. Don’t recoil and stay quiet. Speak up. Be transparent. People want steady and firm.
  4. Online marketing efforts matter more, now than ever. Adjust your strategy. Increase your messaging. Surprise and delight.
  5. Continue to provide buyers with expertise and leadership; keep them up to date. Create a daily vlog; video messages from the CEO; online how-tos and insights.
  6. Don’t let your new $$$ trade show display and efforts go to waste—create a virtual tour of your new trade show booth and show people what’s new and what they can DO with it.

🔥 Lesson learned: To lead whole-heartedly we must fear-less and do more. Act with integrity, sensitivity, and consistency with a side of humor and flexibility. What we do matters more than what we say. But if we say nothing…well, you get the picture.

We’re all in this together! You’re resilient, capable, innovative, and strong. (and there’s wine)








(This is a coaster a friend brought back from Italy last year. It means even more now.)

* * *


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💊 How the Pandemic Will End
This is an insightful, fact-based, and enlightening article from the Atlantic. You might appreciate the best/worst-case scenarios the author lays out. Being informed and knowing we’re going to come out better on the backside keeps us sane.

🧠 Infinite Mindset Reminder from Simon Sinek
An infinite mindset will help you stop labeling your day ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and master a healthier mindset during this tumultuous time. Watch it here. Pass it along to your employees/team/customers or create your own. Together, we’ll get through this. Keep calm and manufacture on!

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