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I found an incredible site the today through one of the *many* newsletters that I subscribe to.

Newsletters that I scan quickly each morning looking for something that inspires me, gives me something I can use, or will possibly make me “appear” intelligent and unique to others. I say “appear”, because if you get all my newsletters, then you’ve already read about my “new thought/idea/shiny thing” from my secret sources.

Right about now you might be saying to yourself, “That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone’s newsletter!”. But really, if it doesn’t inspire me, give me something I can use, or make me feel smarter/more unique, why would I take my precious time to read it? 

This site made me stop. Laugh. Think. Laugh again. And imagine the possibilities… 

The site is DISORDERLY GOODS, and it was created by Los Angeles-based graphic designer Jane Chika.

Jane designs MERIT BADGES for Excellence In Life. The tagline: Life Is Hard. You Deserve A Merit Badge. 

And you know what? Life *is* hard sometimes! Things don’t always go the way you planned them, and sometimes you have to punt or go with Plan B. Or C. 

That being said, I want to take this time on the final day of February in the year 2013 to virtually award YOU with your first Merit Badge for Excellence in Life.

Badge No. 8 THE HEART – for giving a shit. 

Just in case no one has thanked you today for just being you, please accept this Merit Badge as a small token of our collective esteem. 

ps. It makes you want to drag out your old Girl Scout sash now, doesn’t it? (or as my Nana used to say, my *sashay*)

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