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Your Year of Yes


Is there something you’ve been resisting saying YES to?

Maybe it’s a new initiative or tool your salespeople have been begging for, forking out cash for that new piece of equipment, public speaking, slowing down to play more, or finally shifting your marketing efforts from meh to mega engagement. 😉

But why is NO your default?

Because NO is so much easier than YES!

Saying YES means you have to do shit that scares you. You’ll have to make a change of some sort. Put yourself out there. Use your voice.

Possibly be forced to slow down and trust that your business and the world will not fall apart.

Why is this important?

You are a holistic human. Well-rounded. Firing on all cylinders, but also knowing that in life and in business it’s critical to pay attention to all the gardens, if you will. Weedy. Rocky. Thriving.

When we fall into a pattern of NO, it’s easy to miss out on amazing opportunities. Some that may have transformed everything! In such a positive way.

Reading Year of Yes, by the most talented woman in television today, Shonda Rhimes. (catch her TED Talk here) is one way to bring attention (like a brick to the head) to all the things you’ve resisted. Because it was easier to say NO.

💡 Since all roads lead back to marketing (you knew this was coming) I want you to think about your default mode. Is it NO or YES? 💡

Marketing can feel like this big scary wilderness that we don’t have the trail map for.

And, it’s changing so fast that just when we decide to traverse that hill it’s like somebody dropped another mountain in our path.

And, don’t get me started on all the acronyms and digital tools. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I talk to manufacturers, owners, and leaders daily. I hear your frustrations. Your fears. Your confusion. Your doubt.

And, I also hear your passion, energy, enthusiasm, and genuine love for your team and customers. (it’s my favorite part)

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

It’s pretty simple really!

Say YES to helping your customers succeed.

Say YES to equipping and empowering your salespeople to help your customers succeed.

Say YES to creating a culture that’s desired and contagious.

Say YES to slowing down long enough to observe causes and consequences and make some necessary changes.

Say YES to showing up on behalf of and for your audience in a relevant, consistent, and meaningful way.

This is the heart of good marketing that makes sales easier.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *

1. De-silo sales and marketing once and for all
2. Include the sales team in your strategic planning and marketing plan
3. Ask customers what they care about and desire
4. Revamp your website into a self-serve portal of education, inspiration, and resources
5. Add evergreen content to your blog regularly
6. Create social posts that engage people in conversations and lead them to your evergreen content
7. Strategically connect with people before, during, and after every tradeshow
8. Don’t keep showing up at the tradeshows with nothing new or talk-worthy
9. Build your opt-in email list and continue earning attention with heart
10. Share your brand personality and story and don’t be afraid to have fun

🔥 TAKEAWAY: Saying yes to shit that scares you will set you and your business free!

It will open doors, build new relationships, and empower you and your team to go big or go home. To serve your face off and matter to the people who will care.

And, it will turn fear into fuel.
Self-doubt into self-mastery.
Invisibility into invincibility.

Consider your own YEAR OF YES and see what happens!

Here’s to helping customers FEEL a connection with you and your brand. Making sales easier!

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