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Ever consider the amazing power of being The Only?

Only is such a small word, but so big on meaning. Think about it. You’re the only one in your brand category who does X. Like Apple or Starbucks. Being unlike any other. You’re The Only.

My buddy, Curt Cuscino from HypeLife Brands, wrote an article recently about being The Only. Although our area’s of expertise are very different (youth lifestyle vs. building products) our thoughts on being The Only are exactly the same.

This is the question we asked ourselves several months ago when our long-time client, EL&EL Wood Products came to us and said they wanted a pocket guide. What is a pocket guide, you ask. It’s all their moulding profiles laid out in one book that’s small enough to fit in your back pocket. Do any of their competitors have a pocket guide? Why, yes they do. Our task then was to create not just a pocket guide, but something that fit The Only category.

We didn’t just create a pocket guide. We built
“The Little Black Book of Mouldings”.

Felt succeeded in a big way. We didn’t just create a pocket guide. We built “The Little Black Book”, of mouldings that is. You know, the kind your dad used to have before he fell in love with your mom. That cool little book he filled with conquests and numbers and ratings, oh my. Didn’t Fonzi have a Little Black Book too? He had to have a way to keep up with all those beauties. Now, nobody else in building products has a Little Black Book, but EL&EL. It’s The Only one.

Hot off the presses and basking in the afterglow of a design-gasm, we’re proud to share with you the one, The Only, “Little Black Book of Mouldings.” Try and contain yourselves, please. There’s enough to go around.

Is your brand The Only? What do you have that nobody else has?

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