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The Magic of An Aha Moment

You begin
by following
the ones who went

Step by step
you walk,
straining to find
the right set of footprints,
for the trails lead everywhere,

Up mountains,
through thickets,
into caves
and crevasses—
clearly the work of those
crazy, spelunking limericists—

marveling at the wonders
the giants have left
in their wake,
carved into trees
chipped into stones
blooming in rows
or artfully planted
to look random.

The maps,
they never seem to work
quite right.

Is this the lake?
Was I supposed to turn there?

This road seems so much narrower
than the one in the picture,
than the one in the song,
than the one in my head.

I must be lost
you think.
I will wander this land
for all eternity,
traveling in circles,
looping back on myself,
around and around.

I will never get There.

And then one day,
the light slants down
at a particular angle
which you both notice
and do not
and the air feels familiar
but completely different
and there are no other footsteps

but yours
and you are walking—
no, you are walking, blazing a trail
for the next intrepid soul,
scattering your own seeds
and songs
and fairy messages
along the way.

Finding Your Voice by Colleen Wainwright

With gratitude, Colleen! This is for the trailblazers I know and for those I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing yet.
The extreme beauty and magic of the aha moment!

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