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Drink it up! 

No brand does emotional connection better than Coke®.

They’ve become the most recognized, beloved and valuable brand in the world by connecting with customers and potential soda enthusiasts on an emotional level. They did it by differentiating themselves as “the original” and “the real thing.” Coke sells the “experience” of drinking their magical elixir, not the concept (features and benefits).

Glug! Glug! Glug! Aaaaahhh!

Coke leads with emotion. Drinking a Coke is cool, refreshing. The love affair began years ago with bathing beauties and Santa Claus and continued with that special father son bonding moment that only happens with a Coke and a smile. Unforgettable campaigns like, “I’d Like To Buy the World a Coke” (1971) and most recently Open Happiness (2012) — always make an emotional connection.

Coke leverages their point of difference, dramatizing it in a memorable way, across all of their marketing platforms.

“I often hear people say ‘our product is a commodity’ or ‘price is all that matters in our category’ or ‘all of the viable positions in our market have been taken.’ Don’t let anyone convince you that your brand can not be differentiated. After all, chicken, bananas, vodka, coffee and even water have been differentiated.” (Brad VanAuken)

Quality and customer service do not an emotional connection make. Coke means happiness. What does your brand mean to customers?

Harness the power of emotional connection. Be the Coke!

Make your presence felt.

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