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When you’re thirsty for a cold one, what brand do you grab off the shelf? There are so many. Which one do you pick? Do you decide based on taste? Price? Quality? Packaging? Beer makers know you have thousands of choices, so how do they persuade you to choose their brand? They differentiate themselves, that’s how.

What does beer have to do with positioning your brand anyway?! Consider this…Have you ever seen the ad or billboard for Stella Artois® that simply says:

“It’s a chalice, not a glass!”

One powerful sentence that sets Stella® apart from every other beer maker in the world. This single distinction starts a conversation…”Such an extraordinary drinking vessel requires an equally extraordinary crafting process.” This equates to “High quality beer in a very cool glass and you’re a cool person every time you enjoy some.” Who doesn’t want that?!

Then, there’s our favorite beer from Mexico that tastes best with a lime. How’s Corona® different?

Corona is relaxation.

“…Nothing else seems to set the same mood. Nothing else lets the conversation flow so easily between friends. Nothing else brings such a natural energy to an occasion.” No other beer owns tropical and relaxation, like Corona. Just drinking it makes you feel relaxed, right?!

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the first light beer, Miller Light®. “Tastes great. Less filling.” How many times have you heard that? They’ve stayed true to their positioning since their debut in 1975. Lighter beer that actually tastes good.

They all have one thing in common—positioning. They’re leading with an emotion. An experience. A promise. Drink this and you’ll be cool, relaxed, less full (aka: magically thinner). That’s what branding is—a promise. They’re also telling a story. People are drawn in by the story and they buy the promise.

Now consider your positioning. What is your differentiator? Are you leading with something unique that only you own? What’s your brand promise? These successful beer makers realize that everyone can say their beer is a “quality” product, but only one brand can say “relaxation” or “extraordinary” or “less filling”. It’s never too late to promise a chalice instead of a glass or a vacation instead of a Monday.

Stay thirsty, my friends…

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