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What everyone is saying about content:
“You’ve gotta be a thought leader. Content is king! Content. Content. Content.”

The reality of what YOU actually think about content:
“I’m a little confused, what does content marketing really mean?”
“I think we probably need to do it, but what are we going to talk about?”
“What topic(s) are we going to ‘lead’ with? How often? How much? What formats?”
“It feels a little overwhelming. So, we’ll just circle back next quarter. We’ve got other fish to fry.”

Content is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your marketing strategy. It’s the substance. The creamy nugget. It’s what convinces and converts. 

It’s the all-important ongoing conversation you have with your audience. Before, during, and after the sale.

Furthermore, it’s not a trend. Now we have SO MANY more ways to spread it around.

So, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this and fire up the content engine? One little word…


You don’t know where to start and aren’t completely certain what to say.  

→  Start with a framework. (Here’s a Content Guide for Manufacturers we created just for you.)

→  Work with a professional, if you don’t have the capability in-house.

→  Create a content engine, engage consistently, adapt regularly, and keep marching forward.

Believe me! Your competitors are doing one of two things—whispering or shouting at the top of their lungs.

Either way, you can use this to your advantage and make meaningful content for the people who will care. Be the thought leader in your category or industry. Lead the conversation at every turn.

5 Great Lessons from a Marketoonist

Most brands think that to become big, they need to appeal to everyone. Or that content marketing has to be relevant to everyone. It does not! You’re appealing to a very specific someone.
  -They care about what (making a 3/4 hole, not the drill they’re using to do it)
  -The problem(s) you’re solving better than anyone else is (how you’re making their life easier)
  -Topics you’ll become known for (pick 1-3)

Remember this! It’s not about you, it’s always about your audience. It’s amazing how many brands forget this. Sadly, this is how many brands talk: “But enough about me. What about you? What do you think of me?”

Many marketers think of content marketing as “the viral video.” You can’t create a viral video. But you can create quality content that may or may not go viral.

Content marketing is a commitment. Continuity is more important.

It helps to think of content marketing as the creation of social objects. We’re creating objects that are the reason for people to socialize, something for people to share meaningfully with each other. With each other, not with the business.

Remember, you don’t break through the clutter by adding to it. You break through the clutter by creating something remarkable. This is the power of earned media versus paid media. The keyword is “earned”. You have to earn it.


🔥 TAKEAWAY: The conversation is happening with or without you. And, leaving it to your competitors is like leaving money lying on the sidewalk. Piles of $$$$! You can step over it and keep consuming from the sidelines or you can pick it up and take it to the bank.

A successful campaign strategy is built on big ideas that take advantage of the best media channels to bring those ideas to life. Your content doesn’t have to live everywhere. Just in the places where your audience is consuming.

You have the golden opportunity to be the thought leader in your space. The trusted resource worth talking about and sharing.

Unless, of course, you already have more sales than you know what to do with.


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